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LEICA i9 X iPhone4 Concept

Leica M9


Leica M9 is the “world’s smallest full frame digital camera”, and with a full-format 24 x 36mm format, 18-megapixel sensor. It features a full-metal housing is made from a magnesium alloy, ISO from 25-2500, a 2.5” LCD monitor and is fit for all Leica’s M lenses.
“The Kodak-developed CCD sensor features improved offset microlenses to optimize performance at the edges of the frame along with a sensor cover with improved filtering of infrared light so lens-mounted IR filters are no longer needed. Most importantly, the 35mm film-sized sensor means every Leica M-mount lens provides the originally intended field of view. ” Now is available in Amazon for $6,995.

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Leica M8.2 Digital Rangefinder Camera